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Oceans Revolt

Coming Soon in 2024!

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In this Sci-Fi thriller

Big-hearted but gruff Jake Fitzgerald and tech wizard Mac Forester—renowned scientists on an island Marine Sanctuary—are thrust in between two astonishing discoveries.

Using their own unique AI, Jake and Mac open up the first robust interspecies dialogue with Alba, a Bahamian dolphin ambassador. Alba explains how the dolphins, orcas and whales—the Cetaceans—had begun a desperate plan to take back the oceans to prevent imminent ecosystem collapse.

At the same time, Jake and Mac are entrusted by a mysterious benefactor with a secretly decoded Nikolai Tesla notebook which holds a key to reverse planetary decline.

But powerful dark forces plan to subvert both discoveries for their own agenda.

Can Jake, Mac and Alba turn the tide before it’s too late?

    Jack Kassewitz          Jim McDonough

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    Our special thanks to International Emmy Award Winner and Director at ‘Film & Plume’, Jérôme-Cécil Auffret, for his permission to provide this excerpt from the English version of ‘Animal Conversations’. See more and follow him on Vimeo.

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